Selasa, 13 November 2012

... Hi! I'm Back! ...

After a looong loong time hibernation, we're back! hihihihi
so here we go again!
spreading the street style :)

many pics to share :)
see you, street styler!

Kamis, 23 April 2009

...Nasta & Batman's Wedding Party...

It's meeee!!

It's our wedding!! -Batman & Nasta

Tazty, Arian Seringai, Mela White Shoes, Bondi GE

The Upstairs!


Rabu, 22 April 2009

...Pers Conference Prambors Logo Competition...

Stylie Journalie ;)

From Kawanku

From Gadis

From Seventeen Indonesia

From Cita Cinta
Wawww...I love her bag!!

From Go Girl

...It's Sundaze Time...



Sundaze @ Pantai Indah Kapuk, 29 Maret 2009

...Ur Style...

Nisaa Hutasuhut, Radio Producer

Casual style: tees & jeans


Batik Bags

...My Daily...

Felix The Cat Dress, Black Legging, OXford Heels

Pinkish Coat, La Coste Tees, Short, Oxford Heels

Black Blazer, Bangkok Tees, Black Legging, Brown Shoes, Black Drawstring Bag (handmade)

Black Shirt, Leopard Tights, Black High Converse, Black Drawstring Bag (handmade)

...My Own Style...

Dinner @ Callista

@ Tangkuban Perahu

Hang Out @ Mansion

This is what I wear when in Bandung :)